Plant Biostimulants


ProAlexin ™ Range – Plant Growth Stimulators

ProAlexin is a unique range of plant biostimulants based on plant extracts. The active ingredients are carefully extracted polyphenols, activated with organic acids. They are biologically active substances, which influence the plants’ metabolic pathways.

Particularly, ProAlexin range has aproven gibberelic acid action in plants.  They are produced from sustainable sources, free of harsh chemicals. In addition, they are approved for use in organic production systems.

ProAlexin PEL is used via irrigation to activate root growth, while in combination with ProAlexin PNS & Agrispray, it is being applied in foliar application.


  • Reduced losses during transplant
  • Activation of buds swelling phase
  • Enhances flowering
  • Increases yield
  • Increases Brix level
  • Enhances plant resistance to diseases and enemies

ProAlexin COLOR

ProAlexin Color was specially designed to increase naturally the color development in fruits and vegetables.

It reacts at cellular level accelerating the color production by activating indirectly the ethylene production. When cobnedwith ProAlexin PNS in a spraying protocoll , farmers can achieve:

  • Faster development of color in fruits and vegetables
  • Maturity acceleration
  • Higher prices , since fresh produce is getting sooner in the market
  • No side effects in plants’ physiology
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