Food IngredientsSeeds / Grains / Flakes

Plant-based food (cereals, pulses) are a global rising trend, offering healthy, sustainable and delicious food options!

  • Lupin
    •  Flakes
    • Flour
    • Toasted flour
  • Wheat
    • Wheat germ
    • Toasted wheat germ

Our wheat germ is extracted by a 100% mechanical process during wheat grain grinding at the mill. Wheat germ can be stabilized by gentle heat treatment which allows us to guarantee a 6 months shelf life.

  • Linseed
    • Linseed
    • Linseed flour (ground)
  • Corn germ
    • Toasted corn germ flour

Non-GMO / Originally used as a taste enhancer for cornflour in the USA

Visual improvement, taste enhancer for corn-based products and other biscuit products, bakery and pastries

  • Chickpea flour and fava flour
    • Native
    • Toasted (enhanced
  • Toasted oat flour

Gluten free oat flour, OA-T-GF is produced from unshelled oats with the highest fiber content possible. It contains 4g /100g of beta-glucan and more than 13% of very high-quality protein. Due to a unique heat treatment process, OA-T-GF is stabilized for up to 12 months despite its high content in lipids.

  • Toasted quinoa flour

Quinoa is a gluten-free seed that can make a great substitute for rice and other grains.

It is considered a good source of fiber, protein, B vitamins,

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