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Natural base of humus – humic substances are the basic active ingredient in Potassium Humate.They are highly active compounds of molecules with a wide spectrum of chemical bonds.They arise within the process of chemical and biological disintegration of organic residues. The content of humic substances is the major indicator of soil fertility. They increase the effectiveness of mineral fertilization, ensuring that nutrients are better used. They increase the permeability of membranes and positively influence plants metabolism, photosynthesis respiration, synthesis of proteins and activity of ferments. The higher content of humic substances improves the structure and organic content of the soil, reduces the amount of nutrients that is washed out of the soil, and increases the soils ability to retain water.


  • Higher yields
  • Improved seed germination and stand
  • Better product
  • Reduced adverse reaction to transplanting
  • Increased nutrient increased tolerance to drought
  • More massive root system
  • Positive ecological effects

HUMITAN is recommended for application in all crop plants, grass and vegetables, nurseries, fruit trees, trees, ornamental and flowering plants, lawns, athletic fields, agricultural and specialty crops (vines, citrus etc).

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