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New product Valmex® System, illuminated pergola!     It is a vinyl-coated membrane with built-in, tailor-made pockets. In the shown picture it has been used with LED lights, but other fillings like steel cables, insulation material or heating wires are also possible. Irrespective of the material you wish to combine Valmex® Systems with, there are no...


Custom tanks of specific specifications are manufactured to order for various special uses. Oil tanks, biogas tanks, drinking water tanks etc. Tanks characteristics/preferences: Oil & chemicals Resistance Flexible and foldable Absolute security In various sizes and types of containers. Concerning sewage, liquid fertilizers or various wastes, that must be stored several times, so that they...


Are you ready to fall in love with Lettie Lettuce and find out how Dry Misting helps to fight #foodwaste? Check out this cool animation! click the video link below https://www.facebook.com/ContronicsDryMisting/videos/521561815439241/ Oh and of course, don’t forget to vote and help us win the Food Waste Awards! https://bit.ly/2PUfDdd Foodwin #SamenTegenVoedselverspilling #Verspillingsvrij