Meat PackagingEdible Collagen Casings


Ideal for smoked and cooked sausages, with excellent processing and optimal smoke uptake.

  • Wide choice of size (cal. 17 – 33)
  • Colors (Clear, Caramel, Smoke, Dark, Salmon, and other)
  • Applications (Frankfurters, Wiener, Hot-Dogs, “Village” sausages


Rondo range of edible curved casings offers caliber consistency, superb machinability, and excellent processing.

Suitable for processed and fresh sausage retaining a curve before and after processing.

  • Wide choice of size (cal. 28,32,34,36,40,43)
  • Applications (Hot dog, “village” sausages)


Edible collagen film available in tube and flat form.

Glossy fresh appearance for consumer appeal.
Ecxellent smoke uptake

  • Wide choice of size, Tube form available in cal. 50,60,80,90,105,125,150
  • Colors (Smoke in cal. 60 & 90)
  • Applications (Cooked hams, Smoked hams, Pate, Roasts, and other)


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