Food IngredientsICL™ Phosphates

The German company ICL specializes in producing specialized phosphates and mixtures for use in the bread industry sector. They are characterized by their high purity, according to the new European Regulation on the aluminum content , while achieving excellent performance at a low utilization rate .

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (SAPP)
The leavening acid, sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) is an important component of double acting baking powder as well as self rising flour. SAPP reacts in stages and is desirable in baking applications for its slow – medium and fast action.

  • Available grades
    • SAPP 10
    • SAPP 28
    • SAPP 40
  • MCP (monocalcium phosphate)

MCP is a leavening acid with a neutralizing value of 80. It reacts with sodium bicarbonate and releases carbon dioxide in the presence of water. It is the preferred leavening acid because it doesn’t contain sodium and has no aftertaste. MCP is a quick-reacting leavening acid.

It is used in products like pancakes, cookies and angel food cake mixes, where fast gas production and little bench time is desired. It is also used in biscuits and muffins when fast-acting leavening is needed due to short bake time.

MCP is a double-acting leavening acid and should be used in conjunction with baking soda.

  • DCPD (dicalcium phosphate)

Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (DCPD) is a leavening salt that transfers into an acid when it contacts water and heat. This allows its reaction with bases to produce gas in batter-based products, such as cakes or muffins. DCPD has a slow rate of reaction.
It reacts with baking soda during the late stages of baking. It is a heat-triggered leavening acid.