Installation of Contronics humidifier at Carrefour


The Dutch company Contronics has developed an innovative system (ultrasonic dry mist humdification) to keep food fresh . Contronics is the leading European company and a leader in the humidifiers market. The “Fresh in-Fresh out” system produces mist that evaporates over fresh produce , cools and increases the relative humidity in order to keep them fresh for longer and achieve loss reduction and energy saving.

The Contronics systems exists in supermarkets and cold stores in 25 countries , mainly in Europe and elsewhere . Approximately 12,000 systems are currently operational with a market share estimated at over 80 % .

Carrefour supermarkets invest in innovative methods of preserving the freshness of products. So in June 2014 the Carrefour store in L.Kifisias – (AVENUE) became the first store to have a Cotnronics ultrasonic humdifier in use.