Agricultural University of Athens and Polypan – Study Report


Agricultural University of Athens| Study Report: “Testing of formulations’ effect against insect enemies”| Scientific Supervisor: Α. Tsagarakis PhD

Polypan Group cooperated for two years with the Agricultural University of Athens in orfer to test the insect repellent activity of Phyto Innovative products.

The results of the second year of the product testing, confirmed the effectiveness of certain Phyto-solutions against important insect enemies, like the mealy bug and the med fly. Moreover the significant effect on a very important enemy of the pistachio tree, the psyllid, was confirmed. This fact allow the use of this specific solutions for the confrontation of the above mentioned enemies, which cause damages of significant economic value mainly to the citrus trees but also to other plantations like the pistachio tree, even when those plantations are affiliated with an organic production system.

Results were presented at the Annual meeting  of the Entomological Society of America (Nov.10-13, 2013), which was held at Austin, Texas. A poster of the presentation can be found by clicking here:

You can read the whole study by clicking on the first pdf file below: